BioPharma Facility of the Future

Today the pharma industry typically stick builds a new facility, installs permanent equipment, the financial guys max out depreciation, and when the product loses patent protection the cycle starts over.
We have already seen some trends in biopharma that buck this trend.  The use of single use systems which eliminates capital investment in stainless steel tanks, pipes, and eliminates the need for cleaning validation as this is single use.  Bags that contain relatively inexpensive single use instrumentation.  These single use systems provide for Increased flexibility space utilization allowing different configurations and the space to be used for different campaigns with minimum effort.
Industry insiders have claimed that in the near future biopharma products will exceed traditional pharma in terms of number of products and the revenue generated from these products (Aspen Report, 2017). If true we need to be aware of how biopharma is both similar and differentiated to traditional pharma manufacturing.  Please see the Rx for Change PDF which describes new design approaches that could lead to more flexible, adaptable, and sustainable BioPharma production facilities.