2013 Performance Validation President’s Award Recipients

Indianapolis, IN (October 15, 2013).  Performance Validation is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2013 President’s awards:

Congratulation to Mike Stires, recipient of the 2013 Indiana Division President’s Award.  Mike has Brad and Mikespent the past 18 months on assignment in Kankakee, IL, and has developed the location from a short-term, first-time client  to an established project team of 6…and counting. While Mike has had some valuable assistance on loan from both the Indianapolis and Michigan offices, his current team consists entirely of “new to PV” resources.  As a result, Mike has had to balance the on-boarding, training, and mentoring aspects of developing a team with the aggressive demands of the technical work-at-hand, all while living 5 days a week away from his home in Indianapolis.  He has more than met these demands with steadfast dedication and superior performance. Congratulations Mike!


CongratulationJohn and Monte to Monte McMartin, recipient of the 2013 Michigan Division President’s Award.  Monte’s performance this past year in the face of some significant challenges is quite impressive and definitely deserving of this award!  As a Site Leader Monte faced and successfully tackled many challenges this year.  He dealt with changing client needs and fluctuation in staffing that took his team from four at the beginning of the year down to one person in February and back up to seven people by the end of summer.  Through orientation, training, mentoring, and the active involvement of all of his team members, he has managed to create a cohesive team of both new hires and reassigned team members, that has garnered high praise from the client.  This is how success is measured and Monte has it in spades.  Congratulations Monte!