2017 Summer Interns

2017 Summer Interns

This summer Performance Validation, LLC engaged three interns from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology to work with a PV project team at one of our Pharmaceutical clients in Illinois. The interns enjoyed a welcoming team environment where their contributions were appreciated and valued.

One intern commented, “The central benefit from this experience was that I felt value in my work and that every task I was given to complete was helping towards PV’s end goal with this project.” This internship experience exposed the interns to a variety of systems for example HVAC, Equipment washers and Centrifuges, and tasks such as commissioning and qualification testing. “Throughout my training, I was routinely brought out into the field to help other employees perform a multitude of commissioning tasks for several different building systems. Being exposed to the validation process from day one allowed me to feel comfortable with completing tasks by myself by the time I had finished my training” said another intern.

Technical skills were developed in conjunction with a greater understanding of the importance of effective teamwork as noted by an intern, “The opportunity to work this internship really opened my eyes as to how absolutely vital effective communication is to the success of any project involving separate groups working together.”

PV Management comments concluded, “This past summer’s internship program proved to be a very enriching experience for all parties involved. These aspiring engineers were able to gain valuable field experience, and were able to participate in a high functioning team environment. They also provided invaluable service to the project team as they worked toward completing a high-profile and high-intensity expansion project.”

If you are interested in internship opportunities with Performance Validation we welcome you to contact Human Resources, or you may submit your resume on line at our Careers Page.