Environmental Monitoring System Validation


The Challenge

A biomedical research company purchased a web enabled enterprise wide building management system. The Trane Tracer Ensemble software allows remote access to monitor and troubleshoot building systems from a PC or phone device.   They installed environmental sensors for rooms, refrigerators, and freezers which send alerts in the event of a failure. … more

Pharmaceutical Manufacturer – Commissioning & Qualification


A pharmaceutical manufacturer in Indiana requested help from Performance Validation (PV) with commissioning and qualification of a fleet of innovative mobile research units for use in clinical trial research to meet an accelerated schedule. The mobile research units provided several functions critical to conduct life-saving clinical trials by enabling ‘pop-up’ research centers to connect with high-risk patients in locations with high infection rates.… more

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing – Autoclave Steam Sterilization

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing – Autoclave Steam Sterilization:

The Challenge

A pharmaceutical manufacturing company recently had several autoclave sterilization cycles that were very long in duration, resulting in premature failure of stopper and seal RTP bags. The cycles had been developed and validated years ago and the company did not have much in-house autoclave/sterilization expertise.… more

Performance Validation Acquired the Welsh Commissioning Group, Inc

(Indianapolis, IN) Performance Validation, Inc. has acquired 100% of the interests of the Welsh Commissioning Group, Inc. (WCG) headquartered in Auburn, Washington. Structured as a 100 percent employee-owned private company, or an “S corporation employee stock ownership plan” (S ESOP), Performance Validation (PV) credits its success to its employee-owners who operate with a vested interest in the company’s growth and development.… more