Normal flu vaccines are prepared each year and target a specific flu strain.  If however the flu strain mutates or is not the strain anticipated than often the vaccine provides limited protection.  It takes many months to develop the doses needed to protect the general population.… more

STEM Education

Standing up for science and supporting STEM education are important to Performance Validation and its employees.  STEM-related careers encompass engineering, health science, biomedical science, nursing, aerospace, mechanical, electrical, chemical, and civil engineering. The  Summit Technology Academy (STA), located in the Missouri Innovation Campus, helps students seriously interested in science, technology, engineering and math related careers in a global environment.… more

PDA Midwest September 2018

(Indianapolis, Indiana, August 2018) Performance Validation will be attending and exhibiting at the PDA Midwest September 2018 Dinner Meeting.  At this meeting, there will be a networking opportunity along with 2 speakers. Karen Sargis, Biocompatibility Manager at ICU Medical, will be presenting on biocompatibility requirements for product evaluation.… more

PDA Midwest August 2018 Dinner Meeting

(Indianapolis, Indiana, August 2018) Performance Validation will be attending and exhibiting at the PDA Midwest August 2018 Dinner Meeting.  At this meeting there will be a networking opportunity and Jay M. Ehrlich, MD, Vice President / Global Patient Safety, Baxter Healthcare Corporation will be presenting on patient safety, pharmacovigilance, medical device vigilance and impact of these activities on other functional areas.… more

New Aseptic Filling Line – Critical Airflow Visualization (Smoke Studies)

The Challenge:

A large Fortune 500 company required  Critical Airflow Visualization testing (Smoke Studies)  on a new aseptic filling line with active RABS barrier configuration.  Additionally, modifications to two existing aseptic filling lines were completed in conjunction with the new filling line.  more

Essentials of Leadership

For Immediate Release (Indianapolis, In, July 20, 2018), Performance Validation is excited to announce the release of Essentials of Leadership: A Systematic Approach to Effective Leadership by Performance Validation’s Director Bruce E. Beck.

Bruce joined Performance Validation as a Board Advisor in 2015, and was elected to the Board in 2018 as the company transitioned to 100% employee ownership.  … more

Out of Specification Results

What happens when a firm obtains out of specification results?

21 CFR 211.192 states:

All drug product production and control records, including those for packaging and labeling, shall be reviewed and approved by the quality control unit to determine compliance with all established, approved written procedures before a batch is released or distributed.… more

Lack of Sterility Assurance – Ranier’s Pharmacy

On July 10, 2018 FDA issued a health care alert for products compounded by Ranier’s Pharmacy do to a lack of sterility assurance. Rainer’s inspection history includes:

  • A 6-page form 483 issued April 22, 2016
  • A warning letter issue March 28, 2017 (for the inspection April 18-22, 2016)
  • A 5-page form 483 issued May 22, 2018 (following an inspection from May 14-22, 2018)

In the warning letter, the FDA recommended:

FDA strongly recommends that your management first undertake a comprehensive assessment of operations, including facility design, procedures, personnel, processes, materials, and systems for the production of human and animal drugs. more

Pharma Admin Office Building Commissioning


A Greenfield construction project of a new administrative office for an Indiana Pharmaceutical Manufacturer required building commissioning of all utility systems, including HVAC, chilled water, plant steam, heating hot water, compressed air, electrical/lighting, and sanitary and storm sewer systems.

The Solution
The pharmaceutical Manufacturer retained Performance Validation (PV) to perform the building commissioning.… more

Neil Enlow Receives Commissioning Professional Certification

For Immediate Release (Indianapolis, Indiana June 28, 2018). Neil EnlowPerformance Validation (PV) is pleased to recognize Mr. Neil Enlow’s certification as a Certified Commissioning Professional (CCP) by the Building Commissioning Certification Board for demonstrating a high level of competence and experience for the building commissioning process by successfully completing an examination, documenting professional and education achievements and fulfilling prescribed standards of performance and conduct required for CCP.… more