Environmental (Temperature/Humidity) Mapping

Whether in a lab, in the manufacturing process, or in a distribution/storage warehouse, critical temperature and humidity requirements exist. Performance Validation offers competitive Temperature Mapping and Humidity Mapping solutions. Whether you require support to complement your in-house team, or have a need to outsource an entire project, we can help. By utilizing our experienced resources and inventory of temperature mapping equipment, Performance Validation offers competitive, cost effective environmental mapping solutions.

Our Mapping Solution


Mapping Capabilities – Performance Validation’s equipment is maintained in a calibrated and validated state. We have Vaisala wireless data logger and Kaye wired systems for temperature and humidity mapping. Our equipment inventory also includes self contained biological indicators and an incubator for verification of sterility processes. Our internal procedures have been developed to govern the use of equipment to ensure a consistent approach to equipment set up and data retrieval.

Mapping Competencies – Performance Validation has provided environmental mapping support to hundreds of clients across multiple industries for wide ranging applications as follows:

Frequently Asked Questions - Mapping Services
1. How many data loggers do you have available? Performance Validation has 100 temperature/humidity data loggers, 271 temperature only data loggers, and 10 low temperature data loggers (40 probes) in current inventory.  Availability is dependent upon current and upcoming project needs.  Contact PV for current availability to meet your specific needs. 2. How much does it cost for equipment rental? Equipment rental cost is dependent upon quantity and duration.  PV has a standard weekly and monthly rental rate, but discounts are available for large quantity and/or long duration rentals.  Contact PV for a customer specific price quote based on your needs. 3. What kind of lead time do you need to schedule a mapping/rental? All of our projects are maintained on a first come/first served schedule.  PV works hard to accommodate all of our customer’s needs. Certainly, the sooner you contact us for upcoming needs, the more likely we will be able to meet them.  Staff and/or equipment availability are our constraints, so the more flexibility you have the more likely we can meet your need.  Due to the demand for and calendar restraints of seasonal mapping work, needs for January-March and July-September require as much lead time as possible.  Contact PV to schedule your upcoming mapping needs today. 4. Does your equipment calibration meet our requirements? PV maintains all of our mapping equipment on an annual calibration schedule.  The equipment is multi-point calibrated across the entire instrument range by NIST standards to manufacturer specifications by accredited 3rd party metrology labs or by the manufacturer.  All equipment is provided with current calibration documentation.  PV has an internal CAPA program to assess and report any calibration failures for impact to our customers.  While this is acceptable for most customers, a separate post-use calibration of equipment is available for additional cost.  Contact PV for additional details. 5. Is your mapping equipment 21 CFR Part 11 compliant? Yes, PV only provides 21 CFR Part 11 compliant systems for thermal validation within a cGMP environment.  In addition to being specified as such by the manufacturer, the Kaye and Vaisala/Veriteq systems have been internally validated by PV and have been fully documented to be compliant with current regulations regarding data recording, reporting, and storage.  PV can provide copies of the internal validation documentation to our customers or can readily share this documentation as part of a supplier audit, upon request.


For examples of projects completed, click on the application above or see the Summaries-Environmental Mapping side menu.

Project Approach – Performance Validation has the flexibility and experience to offer varying levels of support, depending on our clients’ resources and capabilities.

    • Turn-key Solutions: Onsite project completion from strategy, to document development, thru mapping execution, and problem resolution.
    • Off-Site Support: Our mapping protocol templates, based on industry standards, can be utilized along with off-site programming and downloading of data loggers for a cost effective yet compliant solution.

Equipment Rental – Performance Validation rents our temperature mapping equipment to clients for internal execution of Temperature Mapping work. Click here for more information.


Contact Performance Validation for a quote for help with your next mapping project.