Essentials of Leadership

For Immediate Release (Indianapolis, In, July 20, 2018), Performance Validation is excited to announce the release of Essentials of Leadership: A Systematic Approach to Effective Leadership by Performance Validation’s Director Bruce E. Beck.

Bruce joined Performance Validation as a Board Advisor in 2015, and was elected to the Board in 2018 as the company transitioned to 100% employee ownership.  Mr. Beck brings extensive skills and experiences in leading and managing various types of groups in the pharmaceutical business.  His experience includes 34 years with Eli Lilly and Company with 15 of those years as Director of Engineering Global Facilities Delivery (GFD).  During his role as the lead for GFD, Mr. Beck successfully led the development and implementation of a corporate Commissioning and Qualification program that has been used in the delivery of new and existing assets around the world.  Mr. Beck has been responsible for the delivery of both US and outside US facilities including China, Spain, Ireland, Italy, France, and the United Kingdom.

As a manager, Mr. Beck has provided coaching, mentoring, and leadership to his direct reports to enhance their skills in leading multicultural teams around the world.  A cornerstone of his success is based on the ability to focus on both technical expertise and leadership necessary to bring large capital projects to fruition.  His experience includes development of a best in class Commissioning and Qualification program.  Development and implementation of a Construction Quality Assurance program that delivered first time quality to capital projects effectively reducing rework on capital projects by 40-50%, and a program to address equipment lifecycle by creating a standardized maintenance package process to ensure that all newly acquired assets are maintained properly.

Based on his vast experience in multiple leadership roles, Essentials of Leadership looks at leadership as a dynamic system. When people and organizations understand and apply this system, they can identify and develop necessary skills for effective leadership. This book provides a tool for organizations and leaders to perform self-assessment, and as well as identify and develop future leaders.  The premise of the Essentials of Leadership is that leadership selection and development is so fundamentally vital to the current and future success of organization that it must be thoughtfully and systemically approached.  To fail to do this could put your organization at great risk.

Congratulations to Mr. Beck on the completion and launch of his latest book!