ISPE Drug Shortage Initiative


Who is affected by drug shortages?  Is it you, your significant other, your children, neighbors, friends, or families?  What face represents this problem and makes it personal to you as a member of the life science community of practice?  ISPE is currently working on a drug shortage initiative and based on the ISPE 2013 drug shortages survey identified the top ten reasons for drug shortages. These include:

  • Quality problems (e.g., contamination, foreign particles)
  • Aseptic processing equipment
  • Lyophilizers
  • Technology transfers or product development weaknesses
  • Inadequate or limited capacity
  • Raw material issues
  • Packaging component problems
  • Globalization of drug manufacturing
  • Complex supply chains
  • Unanticipated shifts in market demand
  • Lack of market attractiveness for older medicines

Read more about the ISPE 2013 Drug Shortages Survey here.