Kaye Advanced Validator System

PV Experience with the Kaye Advanced Validator System (Kaye AVS)

Performance Validation (PV) has had a validated Amphenol Kaye AVS system in our temperature mapping equipment inventory for about a year and has used it to complete several mapping projects by different Kaye users. We have acquired our second Kaye AVS system as we move to phase out the Kaye Validator 2000s by end of 2019.  We currently have two operational Kaye Validator 2000s in inventory and available for purchase.  If interested please contact Neil Enlow.

A few observations and impressions on using the Kaye AVS:

Project 1 – A large pharma client within the Indianapolis area required that a large bank of sub-freezers be mapped with our new Kaye AVS system in a short period of time. The new Kaye AVS provided multiple advantages over the previous Kaye 2000 system as follows:

  • More available sensors (48 vs. 36) for more freezers to be mapped concurrently.
  • The ability to take photos of the system and visually depict hot spots within the freezer during execution.
  • The ability to add events after execution within the data report to precisely identify door opening, power loss, and recovery times.
  • The ability to print data at lower sample rates than recorded, allowing for multiple studies to be run without setup changes between runs, saving time and reducing the chance of error. Recording at a high sample rate provided the ability to identify the exact recovery times for open door studies.

Project 2 – A mid-size pharma client near the Indianapolis area required re-validation of a cell culture lab steam autoclave.  The Kaye AVS was used for temperature mapping of several different cycles and loads and provided several advantages over the previous Kaye 2000 system as follows:

  • The ability to adjust starts of phases and events after execution within the data report to precisely identify exposure start and end times.
  • The ability to adjust the AVS clock at the start of the study to sync with the autoclave system time for accurate comparison between data.

PV has recently completed our internal Kaye AVS certified operator training in our Indianapolis office and will be conducting our Kaye AVS training in Michigan in the near future.

Have a question on temperature mapping, or need to quote a mapping project?  If so please contact Neil Enlow for all of your mapping needs.