Mapping with the VL-1416


Performance Validation’s most recent addition to our temperature mapping arsenal is the Vaisala VL-1416-44V low temperature data loggers. The loggers are multi-application temperature data recorders with the ability to monitor temperatures from four applications with one recorder— ultra low temperature freezers, freezer/refrigerators and incubators.



Each of our VL-1416-44V data loggers has four external channels, each with a connected 7.6 meter (25 foot) removable thermocouple, 5-point NIST-traceable calibrated in the range of -90°C to +50°C, each labeled with the channel and serial number of the data logger.

Since the acquisition of this new type of logger, Performance Validation has executed multiple studies. Typical mapping studies have included up to seven loggers monitoring temperatures for up to 28 locations within the chamber. These have included -80°C Sub Freezers and Incubators with Shaker Tables.

Previously the only way to execute a low temperature or a shaker table chamber study was with the use of thermocouples attached to a Kaye Validator 2000 or similar system.  Our experience has identified a number of significant benefits and project efficiencies through the use of the Vaisala VL-1416-44V.

No Onsite Calibrations Required Each of the four sensors connected to each logger are annually calibrated from -90°C to +50°C, thus there is no need to perform thermocouple calibrations on-site, using a CTR, LTR, or a dry ice and solvent bath.

Shipping: Reduced shipping costs when compared to a comparable Kaye Validator 2000, as each Vaisala VL-1416-44V, with four 25’ thermocouples attached, weighs approximately 12 ounces.

Efficiency: The loggers can be preprogrammed prior to arriving to the testing site. For fast deployment and installation of the sensors, the thermocouples can be temporarily detached from the logger and reconnected to the assigned logger/channel without effect to the programming or calibration.

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Do you have a low temperature or specialized mapping need? Need equipment? Staff stressed on projects? Too much to do, too little time to get it done in? Let Performance Validation fill-in that missing piece to help make your project a success.

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