Medical Device Industry Impact on Indiana

Did you know that Indiana’s Medical Device/ Medical Technology Companies have a significant economic impact on the state?

A few fun facts that we learned today about Indiana’s Medical Device Industry by attending the 2015 Indiana Medical Device Council meeting.  Did you know…

  • There are over 20,000 employees working in 300 medical device companies in Indiana*
  • These 20,000 Medical Device jobs helped to create an additional 28,800 jobs in the supply chain, almost 50,000 jobs!***
  • The average wage in Indiana’s Medical Device Industry is $69,068*
  • The total payroll for Indiana’s Medical Device companies in 2010 was over $1B dollars***
  • In 2010, total Indiana medical device sales were $7B**
  • Indiana is 7th in the nation for medical device employment***
  • The total economic output generated by Indiana Medical Device Industry is $10B dollars!***

Indiana’s medical technology companies create life-changing innovations, which allow people to live longer, healthier, and more productive lives.



* Re-Examining the Need for Innovation Capital to Advance Life Science in Indiana prepared for BioCrossroads by Battelle Technology Partnership Practice, Oct 2014
** State Economic Impact of the Medical technology Industry, prepared for AvaMed by the Lewin Group, Inc. June 2010
***From Hearts to Hips, Indiana’s Leadership in Medical Devices, BioCrossroads, 2012