New CRF4 Fogger

Performance Validation’s Critical Airflow Visualization Services Group has purchased an Applied Physics CRF4 cleanroom fogger. As noted in the above video [downloaded from Applied Physics USA], the CRF4 is a portable cleanroom fogger that can use deionized (DI) water or water for injection (WFI water) to generate 1.25 cubic meters of pure fog per minute at 170 ml fog density per minute to provide from 10 to 15 feet visible fog distance.

The purchase our own CRF4 Fogger allows Performance Validation the ability to respond quicker to our customer needs with a unit that provides a dense fog allowing a better visualization of airflow turbulence and a much better recording of the Smoke Study outcomes. Performance Validation has completed dozens of smoke studes and has over 5,500 hours of combined experience. Have a question? Need to schedule a study? Want to learn more? Use our Contact Us form or contact Dalton Pierson PV’s Service Lead for Critical Airflow Visualization testing.