Pharmaceutical Stability Discussion Group Fall Meeting

The PSDG Fall Meeting for 2014 will be held October 5 from 3 to 9 PM at the Mayflower Park Hotel in Seattle, WA.

The purpose of the meeting is to share information on a broad range of stability topics over the entire course of the meeting, so the quality and success of the meeting rely on a commitment to avoid filling the seats with those who are “there to learn” as opposed to those who are “there to share.”

The presentation portion of the PSDG meeting is a complimentary 2-hour mini-course provided on Sunday from 3:00 – 5:00pm by PSDG vendors or participants regarding focus-topics associated with the stability function.  It presentations, followed by a panel discussion with the audience for Q&A.  The Fall 2014 topic is:  Stability Excursions: What to do besides say, “Bon Voyage!”

 Pharmaceutical Stability Discussion Group is the name of this meeting, which is being organized through Pharmaceutical Discussion Groups, a not for profit, volunteer-powered, professional affinity association.

We hope to see you there!