PV’s Southeast Team – Habitat for Humanity

PV’s Southeast Team (L-R) Erin, Clarence, Kim, and Brian

Saturday, November 4th, members of the Southeast Performance Validation Team participated in a wonderful opportunity – Habitat for Humanity. They spent the day learning about trusses, roofing, and design alongside members of the community as well as the future homeowners of the house!

Lifting those Trusses

One of the challenges that they faced during the day was getting the trusses on the roof without a crane. Each truss was hand lifted from the ground to the roof, where it was then positioned and erected. This required a great amount of safety awareness and precision!

Erin on the chop saw

Another challenge they faced was the limiting factor of resources. This called for some critical thinking – Can any measurements be split into multiple pieces? Can certain materials be re-purposed? They were able to assist the Habitat leads and provide suggestions to be as efficient as possible and complete the task at hand.

Many thanks to the PV Southeast Team for their community outreach through Habitat for Humanity, helping to build community in our Augusta GA area, and participation in a wonderful team building exercise!  Great Job Team!