STEM Education

Standing up for science and supporting STEM education are important to Performance Validation and its employees.  STEM-related careers encompass engineering, health science, biomedical science, nursing, aerospace, mechanical, electrical, chemical, and civil engineering. The  Summit Technology Academy (STA), located in the Missouri Innovation Campus, helps students seriously interested in science, technology, engineering and math related careers in a global environment.

Dalton Pierson presenting at the Summit Technology Academy

Part of the regular curriculum for STA students is maintaining a laboratory notebook for class experiments.  Documenting tests and results are critical to many future STEM careers.  Dalton Pierson, from PV’s Kansas City office, has worked in the regulated pharmaceutical and medical device industry for over 15 years.  As part of our community outreach, Dalton gives an annual presentation to the students on Good Documentation Practices.  A key part of this discussion is helping the instructors and students at Summit Technology Academy understand the fundamentals of Good Documentation Practices.  Students are curious about what it is like to work in the pharmaceutical industry and what career opportunities they haven’t considered.  Students are usually very interested in stories about some professionals who did not follow GDP and the consequences they faced.


The final student activity is to examine a completed laboratory checksheet and find all the documentation errors.  This practical example was originally provided by a former FDA inspector and contains dozens for GDP mistakes, including one major error that no student has successfully identified.  This major error provides evidence that the checksheet was falsified in its entirety and resulted in serious regulatory consequences.   Students really enjoyed this GDP scavenger hunt!