The Challenge

A client contacted Performance Validation requesting assistance with the commissioning of a pediatric research center renovation project.  The research center was to be located within a renovated 2nd floor of an old building that is part of a children’s hospital and was to include exam space for patients participating in clinical research programs as well as space for research labs, lab support, offices, and staff support.  The systems to be commissioned included HVAC, Lab Exhaust, Lab Compressed Air, Lab Vacuum, Heating Hot Water, and Security systems.

The Solution

Performance Validation (PV) was assigned by the project owner as the Commissioning Provider (CxP) for the project.  PV worked directly with the design, construction, and owner teams throughout the project to ensure the facility met the owner’s requirements from design through construction and occupancy.

At the start of the project, PV provided a review of the design drawings to ensure the owner’s project requirements were adequately addressed.  PV reviewed project specifications followed by a review of equipment submittals upon receipt to ensure the required commissioning activities and documentation were included.

During construction, PV provided oversight, review, and periodic field checks of pre-functional checklists provided by the construction contractors.  System start-ups were only permitted upon successful completion of the checklists.  PV then worked with the controls contractor and equipment vendors to complete functional testing of all commissioned systems.  An issues log was maintained and regularly shared with the project team to document and track all discrepancies observed during testing.

Finally, PV assisted in the assembly and review of all O&M manual documentation from construction to ensure all specification/submittal requirements were met and that all documentation received was adequate for the proper operation and maintenance of the facility systems.

The Results

The facility was completed, commissioned, and put into operation per the project schedule. PV identified and helped resolve several key issues found during commissioning as follows:

  • Several space temperature setpoints and occupation sensors were not programmed per specification.
  • Heating hot water pump alternation schedule and delay timers as well as temperature range logic did not match the design sequence.
  • Various Occupied and Unoccupied mode setpoints and control sequences were incorrect.
  • AHU humidifier, fan, heat recovery pump, and cooling coil operational sequences did not match design and the humidifier controls had to be tuned to avoid tripping the supply smoke detector during the call for humidification.
  • A number of HVAC alarms were not programmed.
  • One room was unable to reach and maintain its heating temperature setpoint.
  • The Emergency Low Supply Airflow Mode for the lab was not programmed.

The Benefits

The commissioning of the pediatric research center provided assurance that all owner requirements were met, that the facility systems were operating reliably and as per design, and that satisfactory environmental conditions existed for the users of the building at the time of building turnover.

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About Performance Validation:  Performance Validation is a 100% employee-owned company has been serving the life science industries since 1988, and is a nationwide leader in providing validation, commissioning, and quality services for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device validation for a steam autoclave manufacturer.

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Neil Enlow
Principal Validation Engineer
Performance Validation, Inc

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