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What Would an ASHRAE Level II Energy Audit Look Like in Your Building?

For building owners seeking to optimize energy efficiency and reduce operational costs, conducting an ASHRAE Level II Energy Audit can provide instrumental insights and recommendations. Today we will discover what a typical ASHRAE Level II Energy Audit entails, including the key components, methodologies, and potential outcomes for your building.  An ASHRAE Level II Energy Audit […]

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AS/RS Validation: Navigating Through Potential Issues 

Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (AS/RS) have revolutionized the landscape of material handling and storage, offering unprecedented efficiency and space optimization. However, the path to a seamlessly integrated AS/RS in a facility is fraught with challenges, especially during the validation phase. This critical stage is where theoretical designs and simulations confront the tangible realities of […]

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Commissioning, Qualification, and Validation (CQV): Navigating Regulatory Landscapes

In pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturing, the concepts of Commissioning, Qualification, and Validation (CQV) form the backbone of ensuring that equipment, systems, and processes operate as intended, consistently producing high-quality products. These activities are not just operational necessities; they are stringent regulatory requirements designed to safeguard patient safety. With a landscape governed by international standards […]

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Are COVID Ventilation Changes Still Ailing Your Energy Goals?

The COVID-19 pandemic has prompted substantial changes in building ventilation strategies across various industries, from schools and residential buildings to commercial facilities. While prioritizing indoor air quality remains the priority for mitigating the spread of the virus and others, these ventilation adjustments can inadvertently negatively impact energy consumption and efficiency. Through this blog post, we […]

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Navigating the Commissioning Process: A Step-by-Step Guide for Building Owners

Building commissioning is a critical process that ensures all systems within a building operate efficiently, effectively, and according to the owner’s requirements. However, for many building owners, navigating the commissioning process can be a daunting process. Today we have assembled a comprehensive guide, where we will break down the commissioning process into manageable steps and […]

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Existing Building Commissioning on a Budget – Utilizing Utility Grants and Incentives

As building owners and facility managers strive to optimize the performance and efficiency of their existing buildings, they often encounter budget constraints that can impede their efforts. However, with the right strategy and resources in place, existing building commissioning (EBCx) can provide a cost-effective solution to improve building performance while also maximizing return on investment. […]

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The Ultimate PPAP Checklist: What Every Medical Device Manufacturer Needs to Know Before Choosing a Supplier

In the highly regulated world of medical device manufacturing, the Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) stands as a critical pillar. Ensuring that component suppliers meet stringent quality standards, this process is indispensable for manufacturers who are committed to maintaining the highest levels of product reliability and patient safety. Given the intricate nature of medical devices […]

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How Building Commissioning Enhances Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality (IAQ) is a critical aspect of building performance that significantly impacts occupant health, comfort, and even productivity. Poor indoor air quality can lead to various health issues, including respiratory problems, allergies, and fatigue. Building commissioning plays a vital role in ensuring optimal indoor air quality by systematically verifying and optimizing performance of […]

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