Temperature mapping involves systematically placing data-logging sensors in various locations within a defined space, ranging from small fridge freezers to extensive warehouses. The primary objective is continuously monitoring and analyzing temperature data across the designated area. This process is critical in pharmaceuticals, healthcare, and food storage industries, where maintaining precise and consistent temperatures is paramount for product integrity and safety. Partner with Performance Validation (PV) for temperature mapping services that keep your products compliant.

Temperature Mapping Maintains Product Quality & Safety

In pharmaceuticals, certain medications, vaccines, or biologics can lose their efficacy if exposed to temperatures outside specified ranges. Similarly, in the food industry, perishable goods may spoil or become unsafe for consumption if subjected to improper storage conditions. Temperature mapping acts as a proactive measure to detect and rectify these issues before they compromise the quality and safety of the stored items.

Temperature Mapping Support that Keeps You Compliant

Whether you have reach-in or walk-in controlled temperature units (CTU) or controlled environmental units (CTE), count on our team of experts to ensure you are audit-ready. Our temperature mapping experts have served clients in various FDA-regulated industries throughout the US. Let us complement your in-house team or guide the project from start to finish. Get competitive and cost-effective temperature mapping solutions while ensuring your system is accurate within defined limits. When you need support, count on our flexible and experienced team to get you back on track.

Turn-Key Solutions

  • Onsite project completion from strategy
  • Document development
  • Mapping execution
  • Problem resolution

Off-Site Support

Our mapping protocol templates based on industry standards can be utilized along with off-site programming and downloading data loggers.

Your Experts for Any Temperature Mapping Situation

Verified Temperature Mapping Equipment

Performance Validation’s equipment is maintained in a calibrated and validated state. We have Vaisala wireless data loggers and Kaye wired systems for temperature and humidity mapping. Our equipment inventory also includes self-contained biological indicators and an incubator for verification of sterility processes. Our internal procedures have been developed to govern the use of equipment to ensure a consistent approach to equipment set-up and data retrieval.

Hassle-Free Temperature Mapping Equipment Rentals

PV allows you to rent our mapping equipment for the internal execution of Temperature/Humidity Mapping work. Since we hold one of the largest temperature mapping equipment inventories in the country, there is no project too big for our team. The available equipment to rent includes:

Vaisala Data Loggers

  • DL 2000 Temp & RH, Ranges -25 to +70C, 10-90% RH
  • DL 1000 Temp, Range -25 to +70C
  • DL1416 Low Temp, (4 external sensors each), -90 to +50C
  • Netbook computers with the validated applications installed for your use

Kaye Equipment

  • Kaye AVS units, SIMs, & IRTDs
  • LTR-140 Dry Baths, Range –25 to 140C
    • Thermocouples – PV can prepare thermocouples to your needs, priced per foot

What are the benefits to renting?

  • Software is 21CFR Part 11 compliant and validated
  • Weekly rental rates
  • Large inventory available
  • Annual calibration schedule is maintained
  • Equipment SOPs and training support available