A Greenfield construction project of a new administrative office for an Indiana Pharmaceutical Manufacturer required building commissioning of all utility systems, including HVAC, chilled water, plant steam, heating hot water, compressed air, electrical/lighting, and sanitary and storm sewer systems.

The Solution
The pharmaceutical Manufacturer retained Performance Validation (PV) to perform the building commissioning. PV was responsible for the planning, development, execution, and summarization of the commissioning deliverables.

  • PV developed the Project Commissioning Plan
  • PV developed the system user requirements, in coordination with the Owner representatives from Engineering, Facilities, and Health & Safety.
  • PV performed the design review to assure the design solution met the system user requirements.

Construction Quality Oversight:

  • PV engineers walked the construction on a weekly basis to review progress and identify potential issues during the construction phase. A punch list was utilized to document potential construction quality issues and provide accountability for their resolution.
  • Examples of issues identified during construction included:
    o Incorrect pipe insulation
    o Incorrect piping and duct size/materials
    o Incorrect installation of directional valves
    o Incorrect pipe labeling
    o Improper pipe and duct support

Review, assembly of system turnover packages:

  • PV conducted training sessions with mechanical subcontractors to ensure alignment with Owner expectations for completion of required testing documentation.
  • PV reviewed all submitted testing documentation for thorough completion and use of Good Documentation Practices.

The Results

All systems were commissioned and turned over the Owner to meet the building occupancy schedule, within the allowable budget. All building commissioning work met the customer’s quality expectations.

The Benefits

The completed project increased reliability, life expectancy, and operational efficiency of the building systems while reducing operational costs of building systems, including HVAC, steam, hot water, and chilled water equipment.

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Brad Henry
Vice President/ Division Director, Indiana
Performance Validation, Inc.

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