The Performance Validation Team successfully completed a thorough commissioning project for the Artise in downtown Bellevue, Washington. Built in collaboration with developer Schnitzer West and general contractor Sellen Construction, the Class A core and shell build epitomizes both innovation and sustainability. The office tower stands tall with just over 600,000 square feet across twenty-five stories, including six additional floors of underground parking, accommodating 900 parking stalls.  

Drawn from the essence of ‘the performer,’ the Artise surpasses sheer infrastructure, embodying a commitment to excellence and functionality. Beyond its sleek façade lies a multitude of amenities, including a conference center, fitness facility, great room, and ground-floor lobbies adorned with enticing shops for public use.  

At the center of the Artise’s design lies dedication to both sustainability and efficiency. The commissioning objective was clear: to propel energy efficiency, operational proficiency, and system functionality to support in obtaining the USGBC LEED Gold certification.   

LEED Gold Certification – Compliance for Optimized Energy Efficiency   

The commissioning of the Artise core and shell office tower was driven by one overarching goal: achieving LEED Gold certification. Our team supported the client in securing all the LEED specific commissioning credits, ensuring the building’s systems operate at peak efficiency while minimizing the environmental impact.  

The Performance Validation team diligently met the rigorous requirements for LEED Energy and Atmosphere Pre-requisite 1, Fundamental Commissioning, and LEED Energy and Atmosphere Credit 3, Enhanced Commissioning. We successfully obtained the commissioning-specific points essential for compliance through rigorous system verification, meticulous back-checking, and effective communication with primary stakeholders.  

Our engineering team’s unwavering dedication to excellence, coupled with our collaborative approach, has not only supported in driving the Artise towards LEED Gold certification but also upheld a premium standard for delivering sustainable building practices. We continue to support our clients in driving commitment for shaping a greener, more resilient future.  

Optimizing Building Systems   

The commissioning of the 600,000 square foot core and shell office tower encompassed all twenty-five floors in addition to the six parking floors. This project’s scope spanned the HVAC, building automation system, lighting controls, and domestic hot water aiming to verify installation, drive operational efficiency, ensure environmental controls, and meet the LEED Energy and Atmosphere Pre-requisite 1, Fundamental Commissioning, and LEED Energy and Atmosphere Credit 3, Enhanced Commissioning requirements for certification.   

A comprehensive approach was taken to the testing, verification, and evaluation of these systems, reflecting our commitment to ensuring every aspect of the building’s systems and performance was optimized. The team utilized the detailed commissioning plan to meticulously review the design documentation during the development phase, ensuring all major and minor details were accounted for within the systems. Tracking each element against the contractor’s checklist and functional performance test list provided assurance that all documentation was thorough and accessible, facilitating future reference points during challenges encountered within the systems.   

Mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems underwent thorough condition testing based on commissioning forms and functional performance scripts, which outline precise pass/fail criteria. These scripts offer clear expectations for system performance, enabling direct comparison with observed outcomes. Developed by our senior commissioning agents with extensive experience, our commissioning plans ensure alignment between expected and actual test results, facilitating effective and precise resolution of any issues that may arise.  

Strategic Flexibility: Navigating Challenges with Solutions and Adaptability  

Throughout the commissioning of the Artise core and shell office tower, our team encountered and navigated through a handful of challenges with our commitment to delivering excellence through consistent communication and strategic flexibility. Each issue that arose throughout the project was met with a fitted approach that prioritized prompt resolution and clear communication to ensure the project delivery remained on track without compromise.   

One notable challenge was integrating the packaged controllers for central plant equipment with the building management system. The two systems were not operating or integrating well together, making it difficult to tune the control sequences. Our team worked collaboratively with the engineers and relevant subcontractors to identify areas where the sequence of operation was not being met, detail a resolution plan, and track the resolution plan to a final system that provided the monitoring and remote adjustability of the building management system, while also delivering the precise control from the packaged control system.  

Additionally, the sheer magnitude of the project, spanning twenty-five floors with six additional parking floors, posed logistical challenges during onsite testing and back-checking. Limited elevator availability in the project’s early stages necessitated additional time for vertical movement within the building. However, as the project advanced, this challenge naturally resolved itself.  

The project was progressed with very consistent communication and collaboration among all parties which supported in driving minimal resolvable challenges throughout the project. Through consistent communication and our proactive commissioning approach, we successfully delivered a project outcome that met our standards of excellence.  

Long-Term Excellence: Post-Project Support and Warranty Period Commitment  

Upon the conclusion of the project, we delivered a comprehensive functional test procedure, inclusive of detailed findings, to provide valuable insights into the performance of the building systems. Our team was able to deliver a comprehensive project to our client where systems met both the operational and design intent while also driving sustainable efforts to achieve LEED Gold certification.   

Looking ahead, the project will undergo a ten-month post-occupancy review in the latter half of the year. During this review, our team will obtain access to the building management system to review trends and pinpoint any potential issues that have emerged. This process also includes meeting with the building owner to address occupant comfort concerns experienced since occupancy. Proactively identifying, communicating, and resolving issues within the building’s warranty period is critical for ensuring long-term building longevity and occupant satisfaction.  

The Performance Validation Team remains committed to treating each building as if it were our own. We believe it is essential to empower building owners with the needed tools and knowledge to deliver efficient operation for many years to come.  

Project Summary  

The Performance Validation Team played a critical role in the commissioning of the Artise office tower, demonstrating both a commitment to sustainability and efficiency but also operational excellence. The project entailed a comprehensive commissioning scope for the core and shell building spanning 600,000 square feet across twenty-five floors in addition to six floors of underground parking. The building now stands as a pinnacle in downtown Bellevue, supporting both dedicated office space and community-centric ground-level offerings.   

Our mission was clear: to secure the commissioning credits necessary for LEED Gold certification by driving energy efficiency, system proficiency, and overall operational excellence throughout the building. The team took a diligent and thorough approach across the HVAC, building automation system, lighting controls, and domestic hot water systems to enhance operational efficiency, ensure stringent environmental controls, and fulfill the rigorous requirements outlined in LEED Energy and Atmosphere Pre-requisite 1, Fundamental Commissioning, and LEED Energy and Atmosphere Credit 3, Enhanced Commissioning.  

Through collaborative efforts and proactive project management, the Performance Validation Team successfully delivered the commissioning points essential for LEED Gold certification. As we transition into the warranty period, our commitment to excellence remains. We will continue to provide ongoing support, ensuring that the Artise serves as a hub of innovation, productivity, and community engagement in the heart of downtown Bellevue.  

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