What is Building Commissioning?

Commissioning is a collaborative process involving all members of the project team including the owner, designers, O&M staff, and the general and specialty contractors. The process provides a level of confidence to owners that the mechanical, electrical, water and all other building systems operate according to the design intent. 

Service areas:

New Building Commissioning

Over the years, new construction commissioning has matured as an industry practice. Today, the commissioning process is a way to protect a building owner’s investment by making sure the completed project meets their needs and performance goals. Our dedicated commissioning team works closely with building owners, architects, or general contractors throughout the commissioning process to ensure that the building systems operate at maximum efficiency and achieve sustainability goals.

Existing Building Commissioning

Re-commissioning buildings is a part of the ongoing commissioning process for a facility. Whether your building was commissioned when it was first built, or never at all, PV can help ensure that your building systems are operating at high efficiency and working at optimal performance. With our team’s expertise in building automation controls, innovative performance diagnostics, and detailed building analysis, we can help improve tenant comfort, energy efficiency and operations.

LEED Commissioning

Commissioning is a mandatory requirement for LEED certification. At PV, we are experienced in identifying, verifying, and providing oversight of LEED commissioning credits as they pertain to the building process in accordance with the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). We provide an extensive hands-on approach, with robust testing with seamless execution resulting in long-term energy savings.

ASHRAE Energy Audits

Whether required for a specific grant or by legislation such as HB-1257, or just desired as a more calculative approach to energy savings, ASHRAE Level 1 and Level 2 Energy Audits involve diving into a facilities current operating condition to generate a strategic list of Energy Efficiency Measures (EEM’s) that you as a facility owner can implement to reduce energy costs. We will work with your team to understand the EEM’s generated and help plan a strategic approach to tackling the largest issues affecting your energy efficiency. 

Seattle Building Tune-Up Program

The Seattle Building Tune-Up Program is intended to help ensure buildings within the city continue to operate at peak efficiency, even as the facility ages. The program is intended to assist the city with meeting its broader goals for energy usage. PV can help work with PSE to identify available grants and help you with the process. PV is on the list of providers, which is maintained by the Northwest Energy Efficiency Council.

Washington Clean Buildings Performance Standard

In early 2019, the Washington State Legislature passed HB-1257, the Washington Clean Buildings Performance Standard, into law. The legislature requires that the majority of facilities greater than 50,000 gross square feet will need to meet or exceed a prescriptive energy usage target based on the type of facility, with the largest buildings needing to comply by June of 2026. At Performance Validation, we are working collaboratively with utility providers across Washington, the Department of Commerce, and our clients to provide innovative approaches that bring portfolios into compliance while also realizing meaningful and lasting energy savings.

It is most cost-effective to start the compliance process early. There are early adopter programs and utility incentives available that can help reduce the cost of compliance.

Compliance Dates:

Buildings over 200,000 SF: June 1, 2026

Remaining Buildings over 90,000 SF: June 1, 2027

Remaining Buildings over 50,000 SF: June 1, 2028

A link to the Department of Commerce’s portal for HB-1257 can be found here. This portal contains useful resources and guides to help you start on the path to compliance today.


Pertaining to Commissioning work in the State of North Carolina:

 Note 1: Within the State of North Carolina, Commissioning is defined as Engineering work per BP-0501-1Rev.1 dated 12/09/04. As such, Performance Validation (PV) will only perform commissioning activities within North Carolina as:

 a) staff augmentation to a company licensed to perform engineering within the state of North Carolina, or

b) as staff augmentation to the pharmaceutical manufacturer.