Our team conducted a comprehensive two-phase commissioning process for a recently constructed high school and performing arts center within the Snoqualmie school district. Our primary objectives were to ensure the energy efficiency of the buildings, guarantee their seamless operation, and provide the training and tools to empower the maintenance team to keep the building operating effectively for years to come.  

Adhering to Rigorous Commissioning Standards for WSSP Compliance 

To qualify for state-matched funding, Washington schools must adhere to the Washington Sustainable Schools Protocol (WSSP), which imposes stringent commissioning criteria. Our team at Performance Validation meticulously addressed all additional criteria, guaranteeing the school’s full compliance with WSSP requirements and securing its eligibility for state funding. 

Identifying Issues: The Distinct Advantage of Our Team 

Our comprehensive assessments uncovered numerous issues, primarily pertaining to physical aspects and control systems. Our team collaborated closely with various trades to leave no detail unexamined, showcasing an unparalleled level of attention to detail. 

These issues represent potential challenges that the school’s maintenance team or teachers and students would have discovered gradually in the years to come. Addressing these problems post-implementation would have entailed both financial and time expenditures. Fortunately, our diligence spared the school from incurring these additional costs. Providing a safe and comfortable space for teachers and students to focus on learning. 

Efficient Commissioning of Extensive Building Systems Across 336,000 Square Feet 

Performance Validation commissioned the new buildings, encompassing a combined area of 336,000 square feet. Our responsibilities spanned the comprehensive evaluation of lighting and air handling systems across these structures. This substantial task demanded the extensive expertise and knowledge held by our team. 

Dynamic Adaptations: Evolving our Commissioning Plan in Response to Sequence Adjustments 

The team tasked with developing the control systems and sequences encountered a series of challenges during the project’s execution. Consequently, our initial commissioning strategy underwent significant revisions. As challenges arose, our team adopted an adaptive approach, collaborating closely with the control system team and engineers to ensure the meticulous consideration of every intricate detail. 

These adjustments were crucial in maintaining project efficiency and achieving the desired performance outcomes. By fostering a dynamic working relationship and addressing issues promptly, we delivered a comprehensive commissioning plan that aligned with the project’s evolving needs and objectives.

Simplified Future Re-Commissioning for the School 

At the project’s conclusion, we delivered our comprehensive functional test procedure and shared our findings with the school’s owners. This documentation equips the school with a user-friendly means of conducting future tests and re-commissioning their air handling and lighting systems. For instance, they can efficiently identify issues like a clogged coil or a malfunctioning damper by simply following our test procedure. 


Performance Validation played a pivotal role in the commissioning of the Mount Si High School and Performing Arts Center, demonstrating a commitment to efficiency, sustainability, and technical excellence. In this two-phase project, Performance Validation undertook a comprehensive commissioning process, covering the newly constructed high school and performing arts center, encompassing 336,000 square feet. Our mission was twofold: to ensure the energy efficiency of the buildings and to guarantee seamless system operation. With nearly two decades of experience in Building Commissioning, Performance Validation has consistently delivered exceptional results in commissioning projects for the Snoqualmie school district. Moreover, PV ensured the school’s eligibility for state-matched funding by adhering to the strict commissioning criteria of the Washington Sustainable Schools Protocol (WSSP). The team’s thorough assessments unveiled a range of potential challenges, and their proactive approach led to timely resolutions, saving the school from future financial and time expenditures. In response to sequence adjustments during the project, Performance Validation displayed adaptability by working closely with the controls team and engineers to maintain project efficiency and meet performance objectives. After project completion, Performance Validation provided the school with a user-friendly functional test procedure, empowering them to conduct future tests and re-commissioning of air handling and lighting systems. Performance Validation’s unwavering dedication to quality and expertise has left an indelible mark on the Mount Si High School and Performing Arts Center project, promoting sustainability, efficiency, long-term cost savings for the school and an environment ready for teachers and students for years to come. 


Our experts at Performance Validation have been commissioning, installing, validating, and qualifying federally regulated industries since 1988. We focus on quality, dedication, teamwork, and delivering projects on time. Our goal is to give you peace of mind during every project.

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