Critical Utilities Periodic Review Implementation for Global Pharmaceutical Manufacturer 

At A Glance A prominent pharmaceutical manufacturer on a global scale was seeking to integrate periodic reviews in their quality process to detect qualification gaps, undocumented system modifications, deviation trends, as well as maintenance and calibration issues, negative trends in system performance, and inadequacies in the development of required legacy documents. In collaboration with the […]

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Systech Serialization Project for Large Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

At A Glance  Our team planned and executed the validation of a system update for a large pharmaceutical manufacturer’s pre-fill syringe Systech serialization systems. The client’s systems required updating from Microsoft Windows XP to Microsoft Windows 10, as well as upgrades to new cameras, other hardware, software, and data protection controls. All of this required […]

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Semi-Automated & Automated Seidenader (Körber) Inspection System Upgrade with Large Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

Inspectors examining a facility

At A Glance A client’s current automated inspection system was old and beyond its serviceable life. A new automated filing system and semi-automated system were purchased to increase production detection capabilities for parenteral presentations.  New control system required integration with global system  Shakedown provided a faster path to successful validation   This was a new platform […]

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Computer Systems Validation

Simulated, futuristic computer screen with the words "Core Library" visible among many others.

At a glance: A medical device manufacturer was looking for assistance to make their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system FDA compliant for an external audit coming up later in the year.  CHALLENGES: The client did not have internal capabilities or the bandwidth to complete the validation. Their team lacked the expertise and knowledge to execute […]

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Dematic Automated Storage and Retrieval System Validation

Robots efficiently sorting hundreds of parcels per hour in a warehouse

Overview A global pharmaceutical manufacturer was looking to boost its production capacity due to high market demand but was running out of space at its largest U.S. facility. The manufacturer’s team decided to recapitalize its existing warehouse space to make room for a new device line. After a rigorous qualification process, the manufacturer procured a […]

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Automated Storage & Retrieval System (ASRS) Qualification

storage area at facility

Pharmaceutical Chilled Storage Facility – Automated Product Storage and Retrieval System C&Q The Challenge A large mid-western pharmaceutical company planned to install an automated product storage and retrieval system (AS/RS) within a new chilled storage facility. The idea was established as a way to better identify and document time the product spent outside of refrigeration […]

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