Performance Validation Welcomes Donna Griffith as Director of Technical Services

Performance Validation Welcomes Donna Griffith as Director of Technical Services 

Performance Validation an industry leader with 35 years of experience in analyzing, identifying, and testing the most critical elements of the manufacturing process for FDA-regulated industries is proud to announce the appointment of Donna Griffith as the company’s Director of Technical Services.

Donna Griffith brings a wealth of experience and expertise to Performance Validation, having spent over two decades in the pharmaceutical industry. Her extensive background includes leadership roles overseeing teams of CQV (Commissioning, Qualification, and Validation) professionals, making her an ideal fit for her new role.  

Donna’s impressive career encompasses a diverse range of responsibilities, including equipment management, quality control, compliance, commissioning, and validation. Furthermore, her pioneering work in digitization and Paperless Validation initiatives underscores her innovative approach to modern challenges in the pharmaceutical sector.  

Donna’s belief that “ensuring quality in each part creates the highest standard whole” resonates deeply with Performance Validation’s core values. Her unwavering commitment to doing things right at every opportunity aligns perfectly with the company’s dedication to excellence and client satisfaction. 

Performance Validation is excited to leverage Donna Griffith’s industry knowledge and experience to enhance the company’s service offerings further. Donna’s personal quote captures her enthusiasm for joining the team and contributing her expertise: 

“I am excited to join the talented and skilled team at Performance Validation and to contribute my industry knowledge and experience to provide clients with the highest quality services, helping them reach the ultimate goal of producing safe, quality products for the consumer. I look forward to expanding the reach, bridging client needs with the right solutions.” 

Donna Griffith’s appointment comes at a time of significant growth for Performance Validation. The company’s dedication to delivering top-tier validation and compliance services has propelled it to this exciting juncture, and Donna’s expertise will play a vital role in driving the company’s continued success. Her experience will help bridge client needs with the right solutions, expanding Performance Validation’s reach and providing clients with unmatched support. 

About Performance Validation

Performance Validation (PV) is a global validation partner for pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers. Headquartered in Indianapolis, IN, we specialize in turning compressed timelines into compliant ones using innovative, adaptive approaches that balance production realities with strict regulatory requirements. Our best-in-class, cGMP-compliant services cover diverse needs from fully managed CQV to on-demand temperature mapping, smoke studies, software assurance, and more. With a dedicated team consisting of more than 95% engineers, we work closely with regulators and equipment suppliers to keep validation ahead of production curves and keep quality moving forward. 

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